Propecia: Success Story

There are many horror stories about the side effects that Propecia can give to male users. While most of these intend to discourage users, there are many success stories that people have to consider before making any quick judgment on the product. There are many hair treatments in the market that cater to men, but many of the users, thirty three percent to be exact, have recognized the benefits of this product.

Although this hair treatment will do little to repair hair loss around their temples, most users agree that it does halt the process that makes their scalp bald. Furthermore, after some interviews with most of the men they agreed that continued use of this product gave them the results that they desired. A relatively young man revealed that he was experiencing a receding hair line on both sides of his head. His confidence took a hit to the point that he did not want to go out or people to see him.

However, he discovered the product and used it for two years. Since that time, his hair grew back again by two inches and he looks much better now than before. He has no regrets with his decision in using the product and to him this was the best choice. For another man in his thirties, he used the product for six months and he felt good after the first three months. By the sixth month, he saw the results and was pleasantly surprised that his hair grew back in the right places.

Propecia has a profound effect on many men who are becoming bald because they are able to rise above their embarrassment when they see the results. One such person had to struggle with his hair loss, but when he entered his forties he soon got back on his feet when his hair became spiky. Still another case involves a man in his early twenties who took other hair medications but to no avail. He seriously considered a hair transplant but decided to give the special hair treatment a try. Not surprisingly, he noticed that his hair was growing again after three months but he was still skeptical.

Six months after, all his doubts melted away because he saw that his hair grew back all the way to his crown and they were thicker as well. Filled with amazement by the results, he told a friend to use the product himself and see if it works for him. Although he did not give any guarantees, he told his friend that it works for him. There are men who have lost hope in getting their hair back, yet get the surprise of their lives after trying out the product. One such person experienced this while walking on the park.

Many women noticed that his hair grew back again and told him that he looks good with his new locks. Naturally, he felt sexier and was very happy with the results. In conclusion, there is hope for men who use Propecia and they should first try it out before making any hasty conclusion about the product.